Toby is an actress/writer from Calgary, Alberta Canada. She started to dance Ballet at the age of three and that same year, starred as the Oil Jug in her school's production of the Hannukah Story. She wrote her first poem at aged 12 and was published ten years later. She is a graduate of Syracuse University and currently lives in Los Angeles. 



Toby has written several pilots and feature films, telling of the stories of unique women throughout the multiverse. She loves to write with a  "girl against the world" vibe and her writing often favors the genres of: Sci-fi, YA, thrillers/mystery, and action.

Toby between shots on the Suck It Up Set


Toby is best known for her portrayal of Alex in the feature film, Suck It Up (pictured here) , which gained audience acclaim at Slam Dance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. She loves drama/dramedy and tends to play snarky, clever characters who hide dark and emotional secrets but, she also has a knack for mean girls and quirky nerds.



Toby has been dancing for 18+ years. Her styles include: Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Ballroom, Hip Hop and Choreography.

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Toby also knows how to skate


Random Facts

Toby has a fraternal twin brother, she likes to knit, collects Shakespeare anthologies and has memorized 42 digits of pi.