Suck It Up


The film, Suck It Up, follows two women as they deal with the loss of a loved one. They decide to go on a road trip where they meet, Toby's character, Alex, a spirited candy shop employee. She becomes the catalyst who helps these women, on their reluctant joyride through grief.

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Follow Me


Follow Me is a web thriller written and directed by Kyle Kuchta. The web series follows a man as he goes from webcam musician to internet sensation. His path takes an unexpected turn, when he meets a fellow musician and her psychotic sister, Toby's character, Hannah.

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Bunnyman Vengence


The terrible and deadly adventures of Bunnyman are finally coming to an end. Toby plays  the fun-loving Rachel, who has a knack for getting on people's nerves, including the audience and especially Bunnyman. Does she survive his vengeance? It's so bad you can't not watch.

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Festival de Cannes

Toby had the opportunity to go to Cannes International Film festival, where she met with filmmakers from all over Europe, the USA and Canada